In a 17-page resolution released by the Office of the Ombudsman, case no. OMB-C-C-15-0112, also known as allegations of Malversation of Public Funds or Property; Failure of Accountable Officer to Render Accounts; Violation of Section 3 of RA 3019 against the late Col. Emmanuel V. de Ocampo, former VFP President, Veterans Bonifacio G. De Gracia, then-Executive Vice President, Michelangelo H. Siscar, VP-Finance, Pablo E. Salamat, General Manager of VFP-Industrial Complex, Manuel D.C. Gonzales, Procurement Officer, Jose L. Querubin, Administrative Officer, Walfredo S. Aningalan, Real Estate Inventory Officer, Francisco T. San Miguel, Orestes F. Lopez and Charlemagne Y. Batayola, together with Ms. Antonia C. Del Mar, Head Executive Assistant and Former Assistant Treasurer General, Federico C. Rubio, Chief Accountant, Ma. Jocelyn B. Oh, Budget Officer, Cicero D. Claro, Legal Researcher, Bernadette L. Valiente, Human Resource Management Officer, Jeffrey G. Sarmiento, Supply Officer, Agapito M. Perez, and Arvin L. Celino, was dismissed.