VFP focuses on veterans needs for the 74th Supreme Council

VFP focuses on veterans needs for the 74th Supreme Council

Manila is the new haven and congregation place for the veterans and members of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP) –particularly at the Boy Scouts of the Philippines Building. While the National Headquarters of the VFP has always been Manila, as mandated by RA 2640, this will be the first time in years that the Supreme Council will be held near home.

On May 20 to 22, the VFP’s Executive Board, together with the officers and members will convene and assemble for the 74th Supreme Council. The semiannual event for the veterans was part of the Constitution and By-laws that the leaders of the organization hold sacred. Guest of Honor and Speaker for the event is Hon. Jesus C. Millan, Undersecretary of Civil, Veterans, and Retiree Affairs at the Department of National Defense.

Asked why the Federation decided to hold its assembly at the nearby establishment, VFP President Col. Bonifacio G. De Gracia said, “The Executive Board has decided that it would also be convenient for all the participants to carry out our Supreme Council in Manila. Aside from a change of scenery, we are also looking at the accessibility of the area.”

“Based on our count, we will have more attendees for this year’s affair so we are looking into bigger venues aside from Taguig, while at the same time we are keeping the expenses of our affair reasonably,” Col. De Gracia added.

True to his words that the change of venue was for the benefit of veterans and their immediate family members who will join the event, Col. De Gracia also cited that the Boy Scouts of the Philippines building, situated at the heart of Manila is near shops in case the guests want to go out after the meeting.

“Accessibility also means that since the National Headquarters is just nearby, we can monitor the welfare of all veterans 24/7 and we have ‘round the clock medical team in case they want a checkup or for emergency purposes,” he said.

It will be remembered that Col. De Gracia took over the presidency of the Federation this year from the leadership of the late Col. Emmanuel V. de Ocampo, who manned the helm for 30 years, from being the Executive Vice President.

He, however, is not new to the roles of a president. Prior to becoming the leader of VFP, a public corporation, he was the president of Cuyapo Academy Incorporated, a private corporation and one of the biggest academic institutions in the province of Nueva Ecija.