Directory CY 2018

Veteran Bonifacio G. De Gracia 

As his youth was spent on the pursuit of knowledge, he finished an Associate of Arts at the Manuel L. Quezon University in 1958. Without wasting time, he proceeded to earning his degree in Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the same university in 1962. In the year 1986, he completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a scholar of the AFP at Ortanez University.

For the VFP, he rose from the ranks of District Commander of the 1st District in Nueva Ecija Region III, Nueva Ecija. He then became the District Commander of the 1st District in Nueva Ecija. He then became the Regional President of VFP Region III. Afterwards, he was elevated to the position of the General Manager of the VFP-IC. He then became the Secretary General of the Supreme Council’s Executive Board. Henceforth, he was promoted to Executive Vice President. He is the current National President of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines.

Veteran Hannibal S. Lipardo
Executive Vice President

Veteran Manuel A. Carreon 
VP for Administration

Hardworking and enthusiastic, he is a God-fearing man who also serves his fellow men as a part-time pastor and lay minister of a Methodist Church. Aside from being a son of a World War II veteran, he is also a retired Lieutenant of the Philippine Air Force with several accolades and accomplishments to his name. His specialty consists of supply management and administration of several departments and offices. He has a total of almost 35 years of military service to the nation as he was raised with total commitment and dedication to the Filipino people.

Veteran William B. Esplana 
VP for Operations

Ascended to the top-level leadership in military engineering because of his extensive experience in human resource, supply management, operations, and public relations, he is a retired military officer who has a soft spot for children as evidenced in his past experience of teaching Citizen Military Training to high school students. He also once taught physical education, unarmed defense tactics, security and police military, and other useful subjects like first aid.

A mechanical engineer by heart and profession, aside from his military background, his numerous accolades and training speak for himself. For the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, his vice presidency in the Operations Department has brought enormous growth in the organization of the membership’s information and other vital aspects.

Veteran Michelangelo H. Siscar 
VP for Finance

A retired multi-awarded Brigadier General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine Army, and the current Vice President – Finance of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines also holds a Doctors Degree in Public Administration. With his immense training in Military Science and schooling, he was one of the most disciplined men in uniform prior to his retirement.

Humane, organized, and religious, he is a traveler by heart. A lover of the written word, he has completed various studies in the fields of Business Management and National Security Administration. Aside from being a former lecturer and academician, his versatility in different disciplinary studies fortifies his several contributions to the Federation.

Atty. Eric D. Himan
General Manager (VFP-Veterans Center)

Expert in various legal matters involving the dynamics of corporate law, real estate, litigation, immigration law, labor law, and family law, his quiet demeanor and soft-spoken nature speak for his character. His other passions include writing about food and playing basketball.

As a son of a retired soldier of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, he comes from a family of patriots and educators.

Ms. Antonia C. Del Mar
Head Executive Assistant

As a daughter of a World War II Veteran, she comes from the bloodline of heroes with innate attributes of patriotism, valor, and heroism. Carrying various responsibilities for the Veterans Federation of the Philippines (VFP), her contributions to the Veterans Confederation of ASEAN Countries (VECONAC) are worthy of acclaim with honesty and integrity as her prime virtues.

She was a graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Accounting. Her service to the VFP is deemed as one of the most loyal of employees. She started as a Records Clerk in the late 80s and has experienced training and working for various positions in the Federation until she became an officer. She is also a Supreme Keeper of the Purse for the Golden Kris Fraternal Society, Inc., an exclusive group of descendants of World War II heroes responsible for the social welfare of veterans and their sons and daughters.

Atty. Eduardo P. Pilapil
Presidential Adviser on Legislative Affairs

Son of a World War II veteran, former Councilor of San Jose, Camarines Sur, and then a Representative of the province of the 3rd District of the same province, a bank director, a public servant, and a humanitarian, he is a lawyer with a heart to serve and a soul to admire. Aside from his several hats, his contributions to World War II veterans, their sons and daughters, orphans and descendants are the makings of a true leader with unblemished record.

While serving as a Cabinet Member in the Ramos Administration, he was able to develop the tourism industry of the Southern Luzon. As elected public official, the summit of his career in the 11th Congress of the Philippines – House of Representatives includes a merit as Outstanding Public Official of the 11th Congress of the Philippines and Outstanding Congressman in the year 2000.

Col. Walfredo SA Aningalan AFP GSC (Ret.)
Real Estate Inventory Officer

Practical and coordinated are two adjectives that best describe this retired Colonel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. His diverse non-military trainings include various Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) courses, and other certificates including CPR & First Aid on top of his academic background, which include Mathematics and Public Administration. His passion for traveling and training led him to establishing a background for himself as a military Training Officer, and as healthcare provider overseas.

For the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, he is an active member of the Federation as well as the American Legion Philippine Department (ALPD).

Ms. Bernadette L. Valiente, MBA – HRM 
Human Resource Management Officer

Versatile and diligent, her extensive work experiences include management of human resources. Proficient in Windows-based applications, light computer troubleshooting, telesales, marketing and database administration, she was also once an educator of young minds in the academe.

For the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, aside from the daily duties and responsibilities in her job description, she also participates in veterans’ events including liberation days and regional and monthly meetings nationwide.

Ma. Jocelyn B. Oh CPA