My dear honorable members of the Supreme Council, it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you all to our 73rd Supreme Council Meeting.

First and foremost, let me congratulate new Regional Presidents who have recently been sworn under oath to serve their respective posts and lead their districts with utmost integrity and efficiency. I believe they shall conduct and guide their deputies towards the right direction of our Federation.

Let me start my address by acknowledging and thanking the efforts of our officers in complying with the mandates of the Department of National Defense.

For the past few months since my last report in May, I would like to proudly announce that the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, our organization, has strengthened its relationship with the national and local government units especially in times of Liberation Day and National Assembly celebrations for various regions. During those times, our officers have actively participated in their respective ceremonies and have contributed not only their presence but also their valued messages taken from the principles of our organization’s statutes.

The doctors of our Out-Patient Center are more than cooperative and accommodating to the very needs of the veterans in terms of medical care and assistance. Although our plea for the additional benefits and increased pension is still up for approval, our medical missions have been the bright light of hope for each and every veteran member.

We are here to take care and fight for the rights of veterans, and we shall keep on protecting the legacy of all veterans from World War II, Post-War, and military campaigns because what you and I have fought for is the priceless and intangible feeling of freedom.

I assure all the participants of this meeting that with our unified efforts, from the National Headquarters, Charter Organizations, Affiliate Organizations, NCR, CAR, and the Districts from Regions 1 to 13, we shall witness a stronger organization. This does not, however, mean we were weaker than yesterday. This means we are gaining momentum towards the betterment of our organization because of our growing strength.

While nothing is perfect, I know that your unyielding allegiance to our organization is the key to achieving more milestones in the near future. Together, we shall accomplish all our aspirations and hopes as each day goes by.

I commend you for your relentless efforts in serving your fellow veterans. I applaud your endeavors in becoming the sturdy building blocks of our admirable organization.

Thank you very much and may God bless us all.