Justice Manuel R. Pamaran

Today is a glorious day as we are celebrating the 58th founding anniversary of the Veterans Federation of the Philippines, a federation of different ethnic groups of veterans with the strong belief that all veterans of the Philippines, irrespective of where they fought for the country, will be under a federation; they will be working together as one to advance the frontiers of development, progress and peace of the country as one nation, under one flag with a common language with the dream to be counted as a country in the world in the forefront of adventure for the advance of civilization and frontier of knowledge.

This is not an impossible dream, with the enthusiasm and joy of every veteran and their sibling that our country that they fought for independence, with blood and tears and despite great peril and insurmountable danger to life and property, will be a dream comes true especially President Rodrigo Duterte has the innate desire that it progresses even if it causes his life.

There is no doubt that with love of country that veterans are showing today, our countrymen will definitely follow their footprints in the path of righteousness and glory so that they will have the pride to be counted that in a humble way, in their mind and heart, they also contributed to what the country will be in the future-progressive and at par, with other countries of the world that leads and still leading in the development of commerce and growth and the uplift of the human value of each and every individuala with a high standard of living.

Long live the veterans, long live our country, joy and long life for each Filipino veteran.

Finally I say with high confidence that with the patriotism of the veterans, we will gallantly survive all problems in the way of life and without them, there will be a moment of doom and gloom, now and forever.

Let us adore our veterans for these will be no country without veterans.

And so i conclude, like any country in the world veterans exists for country and God.